Friday, February 3, 2012


We've been here. We've been there. Not always equipped with the camera but taking some good pictures of some great memories! Here's is a little glimpse of what's been happening the past month.....

We've been going to the park.

We love it there. (And I also LOVE the new lens I received as a Christmas Gift from Miriam. I love it!!!!)

Katelynn pushing Aubrey in the swing.

I love this picture of two sweet sisters running around a playground together. They just look so big here. **sniff sniff**

Here are pictures from our Annual Krispy Kreme visit on New Year's Eve morning.

Katelynn playing dress-up with my wedding veil.

Here is my nephew, Noah, in his new favorite spot the highchair!!

And here is my new nephew, Ridgley Hayes!! So sweet.

Little Chicago Baby ready for the snow.

We still love baths,


and Bounce N Craze!

We'll post again sooner rather than later next time.

I hope. =)

Peace Out!!