Friday, October 30, 2009

A Tad Sassy

Click on the Tad Sassy button off to the right and you can get a sneak peek of K's onesie Miss S made for her. Miss November, here she comes!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

More Pics

This cow really was sweet.

Katelynn attempting to eat the feed.

Grandpa B and K making the same faces.

I love this camera! Look how pretty these cows are!

A Sunday on the Farm.....

Sunday morning Brian and I packed up Katelynn and we were off to Okarche. Grandpa B (my dad) has some cattle and he wanted to introduce K to a particularly sweet cow that he has had for 12 years or so. For the first (and definitely not last) time K was loaded up in the truck and we went to pick up the feed and then we were off to the land we have that we call "Down South". K loved the ride to the farm and when she saw all the cows surround the truck she got a little excited. Dad put out the feed cubes and we waited until everything calmed down a bit and then it was time to introduce Katelynn
to the cow.

Dad gave K a cube of food and we tried to get her to feed the cow, heck the cow came right up to her and she tried to get the cube out of K's hand, but little Miss K was not letting go!! The cow kept licking at K's hand but that cube of food was not going any where. (We actually had to take it home with us. And it was one of the first things she grabbed this morning, I should have tossed it last night when I had the chance. Will remember that next time.)

After we feed the cows Katelynn got to hang out in the back of Grandpa B's pick up truck. She found lots of "toys" to play
with but seemed to like banging on a bucket and the sides of the truck with Grandpa the best!!

We had a great day at the farm with Grandma and Grandpa B. We know there will be lots more days just like this one and I am so happy that Katelynn will get to experience some of the same things that I did when I was little. Some of my best memories are on my Grandparent's farm with my brothers and my cousins. I hope K will one day realize what a truly blessed and lucky little girl she is to have so many people that love her. We headed back home and K crashed as soon as we got her in the car. She had a feed cube in one hand, my dad's hat in the other and I have a feeling I know exactly what she was dreaming about!
Thanks Daddy for a great day. We all had a blast!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Katelynn is Creating a New trend...

Around our house we call this 'do the Mad Scientist.....
Step 1: Scrunch hair close to head on just the sides of the head. (The key is SIDES ONLY!!)

Step 2: While firmly gripping hair, pull straight out from side of hair. It may hurt a little, but I was once told that sometimes in fashion there must be sacrifice. (Works best if you have cereal residue or hashbrown grease on hands first.)

Step 3: Repeat first two steps on other side of head and VIOLA!! Mad Scientist! Our one and only disclaimer, this beautiful 'do may not be as cute on you as it is on K. I mean, come on, she is pretty cute to begin with, don't ya think?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

She's got personality!

K is starting to get her own little personality. She knows what she likes, what she dislikes and what she wants. We are now in the "Pointing and Grunting" stage. She does this to everything thing she wants. Food, the little cat on the shelf, the Halloween sign on the shelf that is even higher up than the cat, my cell phone, you name it. If she wants it, it's a point and an "EH!" She is a quick little crawler. Knows where she wants to be so as soon as you set her down, if she is not satisfied, she is off!! After tomorrow we will no longer have any more "Month" Birthdays but we are fine with that. That means that we are just about to embark on a time where we will be hitting more milestones and making more memories!!

This is how a lot of my pictures are turning out lately. Just the tail end of our little mover! We have to be quick with the camera now-a-days.

This is K's new prank. She gets a kick out of pulling the towels off the oven door. When she gets quiet, we know where she is.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Leave it to the professionals!!

That's all I gots to say....... =)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Bedtime Story for You

Narrated by Katelynn Noel.........