Thursday, March 15, 2012

So Many Things I Have Missed...

I was just going through all the pictures on the camera, ordering some prints and realized I missed posting about so many events.
I am a bad bad blogger.
So even though some of these are months old, I thought I would put together a post that might,just maybe, catch everyone up on all that has happened with our girls since the beginning of the year.

Katelynn had her first Pajama Party Day at school.
She loved it!! All the children wore there jammies and all the girls took their babies to school to play with.
(The second picture shows K's irrational fear of cars. A truck had just passed by on May Ave when I took this picture. She has since assured me that she is "no longer afraid of cars, Momma.")

Katelynn and Brian attended their first (of many) Father-Daughter Dance. Katelynn was so excited to go and pick out a dress and have a "Katelynn-Daddy" Dance. She looked so cute in her blue dress. She even let me fix her hair!

Daddy bought her a corsage.

But she fell asleep on the way to the dance, so this is how their night started out.....

And Aubrey has to do EVERYTHING that sister does........

But this is how the evening ended. Orange Sherbert fixes everything!!
Katelynn and Brian had so much fun at the dance. Brian said she danced every dance and needed a lot of room for some of her "moves."

The girls had fun getting ready for Valentine's Day. We decorated mailboxes so there would be a fun place for our treats to be delivered.

Katelynn put lady bugs on her mailbox and Aubrey got lobster stickers!!

The girls received Valentine Magnets that you had to paint, so that was a fun project.

Then it just got silly from there........

Gotta love these girls!!!

We have been taking lots of walks lately. They have to take their books with them but they seem to really enjoy the weather getting more "spring-ier".

Katelynn really likes taking pictures of herself or having pictures of herself taken with the phone now.
She loves making all kinds of different faces for the camera.

Sweet Katelynn

Funny Katelynn

Monster Face

Well there, that should do it.
I think I am finally caught up with all our goings-ons.

Until the next camera dump......