Saturday, October 30, 2010

She Makes Me Smile

We have been receiving quite a few packages this week (which is evident by the many boxes on our living room floor). I haven't been able to sleep lately, which means I have been able to do some late night/early morning on-line shopping. Katelynn has recently become the proud owner of rain boots, new dishes and some "play" pettiskirts. Aubrey has received some new clothes and a cute headband. I used a birthday coupon and Friend and Family discount from Sephora to get some new make-up. The UPS man is our friend!! =)

I had ordered Katelynn and Aubrey pettiskirts a week or so ago for pictures we were going to be taking in November. I thought they would look just precious. Well, they were delivered today (and by the way, they are STINKIN' ADORABLE) and as soon as I unpacked them K wanted to put her's on. (Which is a good thing. It is cute in theory, but if K doesn't want to wear it, it usually won't happen.) Then she wanted to dance.....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Storybook Forest Adventure

Katelynn and I met up with some good friends on Sunday evening for some good food, some fun times and made some great memories with two very adorable girls!! We met up with the C Family and headed out to Pops for dinner. It was pretty tastey for my first time eating there. I am definitely glad I listened to A and saved room for the milkshake, dee-licious!! Next time I will go with a different flavor, but I thought chocolate would be safe to share with K.
then we headed to Spring Creek Park at Arcadia and went to the Storybook Forest. It was really neat. K knew a lot of the stories from reading books (I read the books, not her) and watching cartoons and singing songs, so she really enjoyed it. But she has been looking forward to hanging out with E all week long so I think that was her favorite part.
They got along great this time. (Last time we got together there was a small "going for the throat" incident, but E seemed to have either forgotten all about it or forgiven K for that slight indiscretion.) K was being a bit friendly at Pops. She was all up in E's personal space but I realized she was the exact same way with E as she is with Aubrey.
At the Forest, while waiting in line to enter, K was trying to convince E that cutting in line would be a good idea. But E, being the good girl, convinced K that they should probably stick close to the adults. =) We will definitely do it again. Maybe on a weeknight next time (cheaper and probably shorter lines) and maybe get there a bit earlier and next time we will bring our own stuff to make s'mores and sit with the girlies around the fire.
I just love Halloween!!

How sweet are these two faces!!??

Katelynn had told me at Pops that she "loved the little pigs!" I guess she was right....

Peter Peter and The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe.......

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm recap

Saturday morning came and so did the picture appointment. I did make the appointment a little early, though. 9:30 came really fast!!
The morning didn't start off all that great. Putting the costume on Katelynn did generate a few tears and it took both B and I to get it on, but afterwards, she was happy to be wearing it.
Silly little girl. But she looked adorable
. They both did. Well, judge for yourself........
(pictures were taken by Portrait Innovations on Memorial. Kristen, our photographer, ROCKED!!!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pictures of Pumpkins and Pjs......


Things that make you go "Hmmmmm..."

Katelynn will not wear her adorable Halloween costume. She won't even try it on to see if it fits. Nope! But she will walk around the house all evening wearing, wait for it........ BRIAN"s dress shoes. I mean they are not even cute!! The other night she found the cover we have for the shoppingcart seat. She proceeded to put that on. Yes! She wore that around the house for almost an hour and was very upset when she had to take it off to put on her pjs. But no Halloween costume for Katelynn. Then there are her "hats". Katelynn has always called her hooded towels her hats. Makes sense. But what doesn't is that she tends to wear her "hats" for a bit longer than normal after her baths. And her "hats" tend to be the only thing she is wearing.

No, the cute red and white polka dot dress that I just knew she would adore hangs on the closet door. The bedazzled Minnie Mouse ears sit on her dresser, lonely and unnoticed.

We have plans to get pictures taken soon with both the girls wearing their Halloween costumes. Anyone want to place bets on which one of the above mentioned outfits Katelynn will be wearing?


Monday, October 11, 2010


I feel that Aubrey is being left out of the posts, so here is one just for her....

She is growing so fast. Aubrey is such a great baby. She has started sleeping in longer stretches at night and is awake more during the day. Such a good baby. She loves being held but patting her on the back will put her to sleep in mere minutes. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful addition to our family. Aubrey Barrett, we are so blessed.

Headed home

And finally here is the trip home. We just might have to make another trip out to Chester's before it closes for the season.

Pony Rides...

This is definitely something that I thought Katelynn would NOT do. She didn't even pay any attention to the ponies in the petting zoo or in the corral by the pumpkins. But we thought we would give it a try. Boy were we wrong!! She loved it. Only time she cried was when we had to get off the pony. So we had to call Grandpa BB and K asked him to buy her a horse.... he says he has one for her named Snickers. We will have to make a trip out to the farm soon to see if she likes that horse as much. I knew she'd have a little cowgirl in her.

The Punkin's

Until we arrived at Chester's, the pumpkins were the reason Katelynn was excited to go there. She wanted to go to the Pumpkin Patch! She was super happy when she saw the field of Pie Pumpkins. (OK, to be honest, on the ticket I read this as Pumpkin Pie and was shocked everyone was going to get a free pie "while supplies last". Darn my dyslexia!! Oh well, I was even happier when I realized we were going to get 3 free pumpkins, since I don't like pumpkin pie!)

A large "supply" of pumpkins.

Picking out a pumpkin is serious business.

Might need some advice....

OK, this one looks good. Two more to go...

The Petting Zoo

Inside one of the barns at Chester's they have a petting zoo. We decided that we would just walk Katelynn through the barn and see how she handled it before we bought the food and so on. We were not expecting great things, but were pleasantly surprised. K was a champ. She loved the animals. Bock-a-bock'd like the chickens, quacked like the ducks and oinked like the little bitty pot-bellied pig. She loved it. So mommy went to buy some feed. She feed the animals with her hands (she also feed one overly eager lamb two paper cups, oops.) and didn't mind getting her hands dirty.

(Daddy didn't jump in and feed the animals. He worked the camera and "watched' Aubrey.)

Showing the lambs a bit of sass here!

Having fun!!!

Daddy had to MAKE her wash her hands.

Then that was all she wanted to do.....


For years I have driven by the Chester's Party Barn signs on my way home to Okarche. We have never really had a reason to go to Chester's until now. Saturday we loaded up the girls and headed to Piedmont. Since Thursday night Katelynn knew we were going to The Pumpkin Patch and she was pretty excited about it.
I was very impressed with Chester's. There is a lot to do and I wasn't sure how Katelynn would react, but she LOVED it all!! So I am going to make a post for each section......
Here are my girls on their way. K loves to hold A's hand whenever we are in the car.

Picture Day

Katelynn had picture day at school last Monday, so of course I had to take pictures of her on Picture Day. =) Hopefully she doesn't have her pacifier in her school pictures.

OU Fashion

The Girls and I were invited over to watch the OU/Texas game by some wonderful friends.
I dressed Katelynn in her camo capris, OU jersey, flip flops and her pig tails. I must admit, she looked super cute. While I was trying to find clothes for Aubrey to wear, (It's shocking to me that we do not have OU gear for a newborn. It all starts at 6 months. She had to settle for an OU Bow and OU Booties. No pics were taken, curse of the second child is already alive and well in the Bateman house, sorry Aubrey!!) K had a chance to play in my closet and change her outfit around a bit. It's a little fashion forward, as are all of Katelynn's fashion decisions. But then again, I knew, somewhere in Dallas there was a girl wearing the exact same outfit, peep-toe pumps and all.

Pumpkin Painting

I am going to try and catch up on some of the fun things that the Batemans have been up to these past few weeks. We have been getting into the Fall Spirit and also getting into the swing of things being a family of four now.
Brian was gone for the OU/Texas game and so I thought K and A and I would paint pumpkins. Aubrey decided she did not want anything to do with the paint. She wasn't too sure about getting her clothes messy so we went a different route with her pumpkin. (Pics of A's pumpkin to come later.) K, on the other hand, said "Give me some clothes I can get dirty and the paint!! I am ready for this!!" She had a lot of fun. She is very proud of her pumpkin!!