Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Girl Room.....

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what I am/we are going to do for Katelynn's Big Girl Room. We don't have any more exciting appointments to look forward to or any more crazy announcements to make so now it is time to get to work. I have already purchased the bedding for Tis' room and have quite a few ideas for decorating the nursery but it is K's room that I am getting stuck on. I want her to have a cool big girl room. One that doesn't scream baby but doesn't also say "too grownup" either. I have to find a happy medium that the three of us, um FOUR of us, are happy with. B doesn't really seem to care he just wants to make sure her room is "cute." So I have been looking at bedding trying to get some inspiration and it hasn't been going all that well. But I have found some ideas and thought I would post the pictures and I know some of my friends will be more than happy to give me some honest feedback.
1. The Nantucket: I love the blues and pinks and I LOVE the canopy. (Brian, not so much) Of course, no life preserver on the wall or bucket of sand by the bed, but other than that, I think I could find some cute decor for it.

2. The Penelope: Now this comes in the toddler bed stuff but they didn't have a picture of that. I love the pinks and greens and the birds but not sure if it is too much pink.
3. The Daisy: I love the greens and blues and I like the idea of yellow bedroom walls, something about it just seems so bright! This is probably my favorite, so far..... until the next one. =)
4. OK, now are you ready for my absolute FAVORITE!!??!! Of course, I know we cannot do this one, but how stinkin' cute is it?! I love love love the colors together. They also have orange and blue and that looks amazing. Brian said we can do this one if we want. (I love that he can humor me.) Maybe I can shelve this for an "older" room, hmmmmm?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Let's Compare

This year and last......

Katelynn in her Easter Dress before Church 2009

This year. The only picture we could get before she ran off.

Katelynn at the Easter Egg Hunt last year;

And this year......... (See her at the starting line getting ready to take off!!)

I cannot believe how big she is getting!!
Sleep well, Little One. You deserve it. =)

Easter Weekend 2010

This was a very busy weekend for Miss Katelynn. It all started Friday when we got together with Brian's family and celebrated Aunt Julie's Birthday and Easter. We had tons of GREAT food and got to spend time with everyone in B's family.

Saturday we went to Katelynn's very first wedding and she had a great time. She loved all the music and dancing (OK, chasing the lights on the ground). We spent Saturday evening with my whole family. She had so much fun with all the other little kids that were there.

Sunday was Easter so we got all dressed up in our pretty clothes and went to church. Katelynn had fun in the nursery, as usual and then we went to Lolli and Pop's for Easter sandwiches. Next it was home for a quick nap and then off to Okarche to Aunt Sharon's for the Egg Hunt!!! Katelynn has a blast, especially on the trampoline.
Daddy bounced her all around on it when everyone else went in to eat. She came home with a basket full of eggs and a couple of extra Easter gifts. What a difference a year makes. Last year we propped her up on the couch for pictures, this year she was moving so fast we couldn't even take some pictures. Next year will be even crazier. We'll have a 2 year Old Katie Bug and a Lil' Miss Lulu Laverne to prop up on couches. (OK, that is not really her name.) I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and took at least a moment to remember what we are truly celebrating. Have a great week. This is a picture of Katelynn trying to pick out which basket she wanted to use. She was getting pretty good at carrying all three!!