Friday, July 13, 2012


OK, this should do it for the catching up portion of the blog.

Hopefully there will not be such a large amount of time in between posts again, but I'm not promising that.

The girls were very excited about the whole Thunder Playoffs. Daddy watched the games and I yelled at the television so they couldn't help but take notice.

We even Thunder'd Up!!

Katelynn LOVES her Kevin Durant shirt. She always asks me questions about "KD Durant". She even picked out a prairie dog at the Zoo that she named Kevin Durant. They also love pointing out Thunder Flags on cars while were driving. And let me tell you, I never knew how many cars in Edmond had Thunder Flags until we started playing this little game!!  Aubrey is Mr. James Hardin. Why you ask, because she "Fears the Beard"!! =)

We have been having fun with the sidewalk chalk again this year. We are actually needing to buy more already. And it has nothing to do with the fact that we may or may not have left it outside in the rain without the lid on it. It is pretty neat drawing with slightly damp chalk though. The colors are really vibrant!!


We have also been trying to go to the Farmer's Market a little more this summer.  If Aubrey sleeps in, Katelynn and I take a little trip to the 7-11 for a drink, some muffins and then off to the Market. She gets to pick out a fruit that we make a dessert with and then I let her pic k out a vegetable that she may want to try. My Kiki is a creature of habit though and she usually picks out cherry tomatoes that she just about finished off before we get home.

Here she is with her blackberries and cherry tomatoes.

(Summer List, going to Farmer's Market....CHECK!!)

We also stop by Sunflower Market on Saturday mornings. She likes it because they have little shopping carts.

 On our list of things to do we decided to Create A Silly Holiday and Katelynn picked out Silly Sock Day!! So that morning we put on our silliest socks and rocked them all day long. (In all honesty, Katelynn rocked them all day long. Mommy had to head off to work but I slipped them on before I walked back into the door and Aubrey doesn't really wear socks like Katelynn does, so her's was a Silly Sock Hour, maybe.)  Anyways, Summer List check number 9.

And out Summer List check 10 was a FAIL!!

Glow in the Dark bubbles, sounds fun right? And easy. It was. Dollar Store bubbles, Dollar Store glow sticks, that's what $3?

But it just didn't happen. The spots they made on the concrete glowed, but that was about it. No problems though. It's still a CHECK!

Happy 4th of July

We had all the normal 4th of July Festivities this year. There was no burn ban so Aubrey go to see fireworks for the first time. She really enjoyed them. I thought they might scare her, but they didn't seem, to bother her.

The Cousins at Uncle Mike's

Hamming it up at Church!!

I finally used the lens Brian bought me for Christmas.
I think they turned out pretty neat.

Zoo Birthday

Noah turned 1 on June 21st!        
I cannot believe he is already 1 year old!!

For his Birthday we took Noah and the Girls to The Zoo. My girls have never been before. I know, Katelynn is almost 4 and had never been to the Zoo but you have to take into consideration the timing; 2 years ago I was huge pregnant with Aubrey and last summer was JUST TOO HOT! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!)

Noah waiting to go into the Zoo for his Birthday!!

Such a cutie and such a love bug! He has the best laugh, the best kisses and the BEST blue eyes I have ever seen. Love this little boy!!

I bought Katelynn a disposable camera for her first trip the The Zoo. We have yet to develop her pictures but I have a sneaky suspicion that not many will be frame worthy. No offense Kiki. (this was also on our Summer List. Another check, cool!)

Aubrey got very excited at the Koi Pond. Although you couldn't really tell what she was saying, well, because she will NOT remove the baa from her mouth.

Here is Noah telling Aubs all about the goats, because that is what a boy cousin is supposed to do!!

Kiki and Aubrey feeding the goats hay.

Noah catching a ride with Daddy

Kiki catching a ride with Uncle Paul too. These two are so close, I love it!!

It rained while we were at the zoo, but that was not a problem. It actually kept things cool and we found refuge with the monkeys.  Oh, and we saw some gorillas while we were there too.  **hee hee hee**

 Katelynn likes to tell the story of how the monkey "startled" her. She actually uses the word startled. She is getting so big.

The loved The Zoo. We didn't get to see the whole thing. It is so spread out and since it was raining a lot of the animals were under shelter. We'll go back again.

Guess what, going to the Zoo was also on out Summer List so you guessed it, CHECK!!

Continuing with the List

I have been having problems downloading my pictures to my computer. Well, actually our laptop broke AGAIN and I cannot get my pics to download to the Mac so I had to buy a card reader. That is why I haven't posted anything lately.

But we have been working on our Summer List. Not much has been checked off because we have been so busy and when we find something we like to do, we keep doing it so that doesn't leave much time for checking things off. But we have made a bit of progress, just a bit.

We have finger painted!!

Katelynn has finger painted at school already so it was no biggee for her. But for Aubrey to be able, actually encouraged, to stick her fingers in messy, gooey, cold finger paint and then smear all paper, she was in heaven.

Their master pieces have been saved and I am thinking about sending their "art" off to a company that scans the pictures and turns them into a Book. How neat would that be for them for in the future. (And I wouldn't feel the need to hang on to EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER they give me. So it's a win-win.

We Have taken a Glow-Bath!

After the finger painting we decided to check another activity off the list by taking a glow bath!! We just turned off the lights, put a towel over the window and threw glow bracelets into the tub. They loved it. Now, the pictures are terrible but it was very hard to get the camera to work. (yes, it was the camera's fault, it had nothing to do with me or my abilities.)

We have Ding Dong Ditched a Neighbor!!

Katelynn picked Miss Tamera and Mr. Rob to DDD and she had a great time. I let our neighbors know ahead of time since they had an unfortunate TP incident on Easter morning that resulted in the flooding of their entire house. I knew they might be a little leery if we rang their doorbell and then took off. They were great sports!

After were did that Katelynn wanted to DDD the entire neighborhood. I had to inform here that only a couple boxes of Ding Dongs were purchased, but we'd put more on our shopping list later.  =)

Well, that's 3 more checks off our list and only a limited number of days left.

We best get busy!!