Friday, May 27, 2011

9 Months Already!!

I cannot believe that my little baby is already 9 months old!
It has gone by so fast.

We had her 9 month check up yesterday and she did very well.
She does have a double ear infection, though.
I had NO IDEA!! I feel like a bad mom. But she doesn't cry, doesn't tug at her ears, nothing.
She was happy at the Dr's office.
She even went to Dr. Krous and sat on his lap the entire time. That is huge for Aubrey!
She is definitely a Momma's Girl and doesn't usually just go to anybody.

Here are her stats:
She weighs 15 lbs 15 oz and is 26.25" tall.
She is a little bitty girl but neither Brian nor I come from "Big Stock".

She is crawling around like a champ and has been for about 2 1/2 months now.
No teeth and no hair yet, but Big Sister Katelynn didn't have any until after she was a year old.

Aubrey is saying Dadadadada and Mamamama and Bababababa.
She will clap when you say "Yay Aubrey" and loves to play peek-a-boo.

She goes to town on the baby food. Loves the puffs, and cheetos and the chicken sticks. She will try just about anything that we are eating. Well, anything that she can handle without teeth. =)

She is doing well with the sippy cup. She always tries to steal K's cup even though I have bought them their own that are completely different colors and designs to try and cut down on the fighting. I guess this is just a small bit of what I am going to have to get used to. =)
She has actually already mastered drinking from a straw. She loves it when we make our usual Saturday run to Braums for a malt. She knows exactly what is in that dark blue cup with the hot pink straw!!

Aubrey is such a joy!!
She can be so very sweet. She loves to lay her head on my shoulder and just coo herself to sleep. I love that!!
But I also know that she is going to be able to take care of herself. She is already showing signs that Katelynn is NOT going to be able to push her around.

My Little Aubrey Barrett, I want you to stay a baby just a little bit longer, but I am so excited to see the young lady you are going to become.

Happy 9 Months, Aubster!!!

An Aubrey Recap:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday/Graduation/Weekend!!!!

Sunday was a very busy day for us. Brian had to get the lawn mowed since he was heading out of town for work (until Saturday!!). And my family was having a cookout for the many birthdays and graduations that happened over the week.
We made it to Sunday School and then headed home so we could get stuff packed up and mowers hauled out. What a great Sunday!!

Aubrey hanging out in Aunt Elise and Uncle Fred's backyard!

Is that Jake the Birthday Boy or Buzz??!!

"Um, yes, I think I like root beer!"

My cuz Tami and Jake. (I love his eyes here. He is trying so hard not to smile)

My cuz Jeni's son, Creed. He told me he wanted a little sister for Christmas. (He is even willing to trade in his little bro, Zach, for one!) He was so sweet with A!!

Playing with the Kooze!

Lots of kidd-os!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bouncin' Craziness

In November we celebrated Katelynn's 2nd Birthday at Bouncin' Craze. It is full of the large inflatables and Katelynn (and Brian) loved it!!
At random times since then she has asked if she could go back to "the bouncy castle"?

It is only open for public bounce in the evenings on tuesdays and we just always seem to forget.
Well, this week I made it a point to remember.
Katelynn has made great strides with potty training. Last week Monday thru Friday only 2 accidents. Saturday I went out of town and she requested a diaper but Sunday, no accidents!!
Monday she had school and I didn't want Miss Judy and Miss Jessica to have to bother with her so it was a diaper until school was over, then no accidents and no accidents yesterday.
So off to Bouncin' Craze we went for a celebration!!
At first she just wanted to play with the toys, but after Brian got her on the first inflatable slide, there was no stopping her.

The girls in the mini ball pit.

It blows air and Katelynn loved that!!

Showing little sister how it's done

Aubrey is liking this!!

That is one creepy clown.

I didn't pull out the camera until we were over in the smaller ball pit. The other times I was holding Aubrey and her and the camera is a little much at times. But not to worry. I am positive we will be going back there over the summer. It is great exercise for Katelynn and she goes right to sleep, a bonus for me and Brian!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nothing much

Nothing much has been going on this week so I don't really have much to blog about.
For some reason, I feel that I need some major happening to occur before I can post, or in the very least I have to have some magnificent picture that I want to show off.
Well, this week has been kinda slow.

We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday but I didn't even pull out the camera. Should have, but didn't.

Then this week I was supposed to start bootcamp, but Sunday night did not go well with the girls and sleeping so I put it off Monday morning. Then Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling like a small village had descended upon my chest and decided to lay claim to that portion of my body. I can not breathe! Now I have a wonderfully terrible cough that is so much fun to have in Spring Time!! I blame this on Mother's Day Out. The germs that Katelynn brings into our home after spending two days at school have to be in the millions!!

Yesterday after work, I thought maybe some sunshine is just what the doctor ordered. So the girls and I headed out to the front yard to wait for Brian to get home.

Nothing much happened, just Nature's beauty (and Brian's green thumb)...

Nothing much happened, just a masterpiece.....

Nothing much happened, just a little tree climbing....

Nothing much happened, just the best cheese EVER!!!

And I am OK with nothing much happening, especially if it is always this beautiful.
I am so very blessed!