Friday, March 29, 2013

Really? October of 2012?

Ok so it has been over 5 months since I have been on here. Needless to say we are SUPER BUSY and things are only going to get BUSIER!

Work has been insane, life has been wonderful and free time has been minuscule...

so hows about some pictures?

Katelynn and Aubrey modeling the dress up outfits Aunt Miriam and Uncle Kris gave them for Christmas. So sweet.

they both asked Santa for tea sets for Christmas. The Big Guy delivered!!

Some times a girl just needs some ice cream.

Katelynn on Grandpa BB's horse, Snickers.

Katelynn and Aubrey working the cows.

Aunt Miriam and Ridgley Hayes!!

Cousin Bath!!

Hugs for Grandpa BB after he read Aubrey some stories

Waiting for Santa........

Silly sisters!!

Daddy trying out Kiki's Birthday present

She LOVES Nhinja!!

She loves rolling her tongue

Sister is trying.......

Katelynn felt Kevin Durant (that is what she named her prairie dog) needed to be a part of the nativity

Oh, Chippie!!

Celebrating Birthday #4 at Chick E Cheese with Noah!

Katelynn at the Baylor game in Norman on the Schooner

My Big Bad Wolf

And My Woodsman

The treats Kiki picked out and helped make for her Fall Festival Party at school

Halloween Carnival

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I love this app on my phone.

I love having a camera right there when I need it. (Let's be honest, my phone is never far from my person.)
And I love being able to follow family that is near or far away and have the opportunity to keep tabs on everyone through photos.

Here are some of my recent Instagram Pics:

She is a Bathing Beauty!

Running the Color Run with my Best Friend

Sleeping Baby

On vacation with the Hubs

Reading the "paper" outside with Pop


Shot of my computer screen. Reminiscing....

Can't be the sam baby, can it?

Katelynn loves to pose for the am era. Even Aubrey thinks it's weird.

Straightened Aubrey's hair

Kiki's drawign of Belle

First time to have Oreos and milk.
"Tastes just like ice cream."

That is one tired little girl

I found Waldo!!

Aubrey eats her chocolate in the refrigerator so it doesn't melt

Katelynn at the ice capades

Aubrey eating her $10 bucket of popcorn

Little Angels

Noah Matthew!!

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First Day of School 2012