Monday, March 28, 2011

Dinner Plans

Going to meet Nanaw, Aunt Angela and Baby Noah for dinner......... conked out on the way there, of course.
(Check out her tiny braids. she let me braid her pig tails, too cute!!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

She is 7 Months old....

And so bright eyed.
(And if you look closely, both eyes are very bright! No more clogged tear ducts. The right one cleared up this week on its own, so NO PROCEDURE!!)

Aubrey is so much fun. Such a good little girl who loves to cuddle, eat paper towels, steal Katelynn's sippy cup and sing herself to sleep.

She has this super cute smiley face she does now. I think she knows that it gets a lot of attention when she does it, so she does it often.

She is getting better at sleeping through the night. She only wakes up once a night, usually.

She is getting the hang of the solid food and loves her some Puffs!!

We Love You Miss Aubrey.
You are a sweet, sweet little girl.

Monday, March 21, 2011


The Bateman's are trying to make the best of all these wonderfully glorious spring days before the severe weather hits and we are once again trapped inside.
Sunday afternoon, we decided to hit the road.......

"Let's Go!!!"

Nothing like turning up the radio and rolling down the windows.....

I just LOVE this picture.

Headed back home.

Happy Spring Days to everyone and Safe Travels.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Look at What I Did.......

I was looking for wreaths on because I love that website and because we seriously need a spring time wreath. We usually keep the winter Red Berry wreath up through Valentine's Day because, well, it's red. This year I bought a Valentine's wreath and just could not justify putting up the berry wreath again and you really can't keep a heart shaped wreath up past March 1st.
After perusing the wreaths on etsy for a few days I found two that I LOVED!! But I couldn't afford them both. (Have you ever priced a wreath? They are not cheap. And I mean anywhere you look for wreaths. They are more expensive than I thought they would be.) And then with shipping added on to the already hefty price, I couldn't get both, or really, either. So I headed to Hobby Lobby.
Now, I always have good, who am I kidding, GREAT =) ideas when it comes to crafty things. Unfortunately, somewhere between my head and my hands there is a disconnection.
But, I went ahead and picked up some things that I thought I might need to re-create a gorgeous spring time wreath.
It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, and it might not hold up past this spring, but I love it!!
(And it is not nearly as beautiful as the one I saw on etsy. If I win the lottery and have an extra $85, I am buying the real thing off etsy.)
Check it out:

Since this picture was taken I have added a bow at the top (and felt at the bottom to keep the metal from scratching the door.)

Perfect Park Weather...

Saturday was a perfect day to go to the park!
The girls woke up around 7:00 am and we got up and made french toast (yummy!) and then got everyone bathed. (A bath is the normal next step after french toast. It's all that syrup!)
We were getting up and getting dressed when Katelynn said "I wanna go to the park!"
We had been planning on a trek to Okarche, but decided why spend that time in the car when we could be at the park. So we put off the Okarche trip and headed down the street.
I knew the park would be packed! We have quite a few kids in the neighborhood and there is ALWAYS someone at the park. It is never a problem unless someone is already in "Katelynn's Swing."

We turned the corner to get to the greenbelt and to the park and viola! No one! It was just going to be us. FUN!!
We started off on the swing, of course. Katelynn saying "faster!faster!" And I would push her higher, testing her limits, seeing how high she really wanted to go. Needless to say, I chickened out before Katelynn did. I finally talked her out of her swing, telling her it wasn't fair that Aubrey had to sit in the wagon. So we went over to the other playground equipment that is for the smaller kids. Katelynn is fearless! She jumped on the motorcycle, the butterfly and then headed for the jungle gym.

That girl LOVES the park. She pointed out airplanes that flew over and was pretty excited when she heard, then saw a firetruck race by.
Aubrey went down a couple of slides and was then content to sit at the end of a tunnel and wait for Katelynn to pass through.

Before we headed home for lunch, we had to make on more stop by the swing set.

Weather isn't looking too great for the next couple of days, so I hope this trip to the park will keep K and A content for a while.
I am so ready for Spring to arrive. I love Saturdays in the park with my hubs and my girls!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Six Months

Aubrey had her Six Month Wellness visit on Wednesday. She looks great. She is 14 lbs 11 oz and 25". She is sitting up by herself, most of the time, and making all kinds of sounds. She also gets where she wants to go by scooting or rolling, so crawling is really not too far away. She actually got up on her arms the other day and tried to scoot over to me. She has the idea, but not the coordination, just yet.

We are having a few issues with her sleeping through the night, or NOT sleeping through the night. Dr. Krous said not to feed her when she wakes up. We tried that on Wednesday night and it made for a very long night. But Thursday night she only woke up twice. At the 4:00 am wake up, we did give her a bottle because you could tell she was hungry.

She is such a fun little girl. Completely different from Katelynn, but just as sweet. To me she seems like an Old Soul. She can say a million different things with just her facial expressions and she seems to have this wisdom that just radiates from her eyes and her smiles. And she is the smiliest baby. She has always been generous with her smiles and they just make your heart feel good.

We love you Aubrey Barrett!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Been A While....

Well it has been a month since our last post. things have been kinda busy. We have either been working lots or when we find some free time we are spending it with our girls cause they are just getting so big, so fast.Aubrey turned 6 months in February. She is eating with us at the table now. Katelynn's highchair and jumpy seat were brought down from the attic and A is getting lots of use out of them. K doesn't quite understand that they are no longer hers, so every once in a while we have to stick her in the bouncy chair. She just stands there, but it makes her happy. We went to Pops for Aubrey's Half Birthday. Katelynn got a Big Girl Grape soda and she loved it. Aubrey was just happy to be out!!

We have been spending lots of time at the park when we are blessed with these beautiful days. Katelynn loves the swings. She just keeps saying "Faster. Faster." She thinks the swings are hers, so when take a break and another little boy or girl gets in the swing K gets a little upset. But we explain to her that we have to share and she will just say "So he will give me my swing back in a little bit?" Yes, Katelynn, you'll get your swing back. Aubrey is just content hanging out in the wagon. Such a happy little baby girl.

Aubrey still has one eye with a clogged tear duct. The left one cleared up on it's own, so we are hoping that is what is going to happen with the right eye. So we continue to massage the duct when we are allowed (Miss A doesn't really like our fingers any where near her eyes anymore.) and keep it as clean as we can and just wait.

Katelynn is getting excited that Uncle Paul and Aunt Angela are having a baby. She knows that his name is going to be Noah and any time I buy anything she asks me "For Noah's shower?" and usually it is. Uncle Paul leaves on the 10th of this month. He will be back for a couple of weeks later on so we will get to see him one more time before Noah gets here.

Hopefully we will be able to update the blog sooner next time. Should be getting some great pictures with Spring just around the corner.