Friday, July 29, 2011

Aubrey is 11 Months Old!

I cannot believe that in less than 3 weeks my little baby is going to be 1 year old.
But for now, she is only eleven months old.
So we are going to live in the here and now...

Aubrey is a mess! In only the best way possible that such a sweet, loving little girl can be a mess.
She is not walking yet. But getting braver each day.
She has two bottom teeth and I think the top ones are just about to break through.
She talks up a storm, but I only understand about 3 words.
She can wave bye bye, love the baby, and kiss.
She loves to play "Yeah, Aubrey" (she will clap) and "Where's Aubrey" (peek a boo).

She is such an amazing addition to our family.
Totally different from her big sister, Katelynn but they love to be with each other.
Where Katelynn is, you'll find Aubrey.

We are incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful healthy little girl.

We love you Aubrey Barrett!!

11 month Onesie Picture.

Now this is our Aubrey!!

Sweet Baby Girl!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Special Birthday for Two Special Ladies!!

I have 2 amazing Aunts. (Well, really, I have 4 Aunts that are almost perfect in my book, Elise, Elaine, Sharon and Gina, but for this post...I am only going to talk about 2!!)

Ok,..... I have 2 Amazing Aunts. They are twins, they are funny, they are honest, they are rocks, they are mine!! And now they are 60! So to celebrate that momentous occasion we had a surprise party for them on Saturday and it was a blast!!!

Most of the family showed up to keep reminding Miss Elise and Miss Elaine that they are 60.
Especially vocal was Uncle Mike, but hey, his time is a comin'!!

We decided to do a photo booth for the party.
We hung up a crazy print sheet and everyone brought in different props.
Then we took pictures of everyone in their crazy get-ups.

It was fun!!

My family is so crazy and I love them for that.
I am also glad that Katelynn and Aubrey will always and forever be surrounded by such silliness. (It's in their blood, ya know!)

The Birthday Girls and Aunt Sharon!!
Hear No Evil..........

Silly boys!!

Even the little kids joined in on the fun. Aubrey wants nothing to do with it, though.

Brothers and Sisters, a special kind of relationship!!

Aunt Elaine and Uncle Jim (and a chicken?)

Aunt Elise and Uncle Fred (Oh, that's really how my Uncle Fred looks. He wouldn't wear a costume!!) =)

This is either Noah wearing a mustache or Luigi the pizza delivery man.

Me and my girls. (Aubrey put her finger up her nose all by herself, she is such a team player!!)

Happy Happy Birthday Aunt Elise and Aunt Elaine.
I hope you realize how much you are loved and how important you are to all of us.
You are our glue........our silly, understanding, always there for us, crazy glue!!

I love you!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Friends

I love it when Katelynn makes new friends.
She honestly doesn't have all that many.
All my friends with children started a bit earlier than I (ahem) but the ones she has we love.

For example, Miss E. Love her!!! Her and Katelynn seem to get along just great. There may be a few squabbles here and there, but they work them out. And they have only been around each other a handful of times. Just imagine if we lived closer, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!
She also holds her own with her older cousins. Ryan and Jake give her a run for her money, but she hangs in there. Katelynn is warming up to Corrina a little easier now and they are two little cuties!!

We have had a new friend who has been showing up at our house quite often lately. She is there in the morning and when we get ready to head out to hit the "perfume store" (Ulta) or Target. She always seems to be right there and HAS to go with us.

Our new friend is Sassy! From what Katelynn tells me she has short, white hair and is very very small. (K will hold her hand right above the carpet when I ask her how tall Sassy is.)
Sometimes Sassy shows up on her own, other times she is accompanied by her mommy, daddy and baby sister. Oh that Sassy is a silly little girl. She doesn't usually get K in trouble but every once in a while when a bedroom door is slammed to keep little sister out or a roll of toilet paper is torn up and all over the floor in the bathroom, Sassy gets the blame.

I am not worried about this at all. Katelynn has such an amazing imagination!! She can play on her own for hours on end, and I am NOT exaggerating. She paints, cooks, teaches school, changes her baby's diaper, anything and everything all by herself. She gets into her room (sometimes Aubrey's) and plays all by herself. I love that she can do that. For one, it gives me a break but also I love knowing she doesn't need any one else around to make her happy.

I don't ever remember having an imaginary friend. I think my cousin Stephanie did. And I know my little brother did. He had two I remember, Uncle and John Halko. So maybe it's in her blood.

Oh well, Sassy is a welcome addition in our household, for however long she plans to stay.

Quick pic of Katelynn and Sassy. They got all dolled up and went for a little drive. (FYI, Sassy is sitting on K's lap.)

Sassy and K packing the backpack in preparation to go to Wal-Mart. (don't worry, we put on some pants too!)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

Brian had to work this ENTIRE weekend. I mean from 7:00 am on Saturday until 7:00 pm on Monday night! The girls and I laid pretty low just because sometimes that is easier.
We would head out in the mornings to hit the grocery store or Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx. (I love it when I tell Katelynn we are going to TJ Maxx, she always asks if we are going to go to TJ Ruby next. Max & Ruby.... the cartoon, so funny!!)

So on Sunday we headed out to the grocery store to start buying some necessities for Uncle Paul while he is in Afghanistan. Katelynn can say where he is going, it is too cute!! He is going to be roughing it (probably the understatement of the YEAR) for a while so we want to help him out just a bit. Katelynn picked out a card for him. She loves buying cards!! And we got him some stuff to get him started. I am going to try to use my coupons and the CVS/Walgreens sales to get him most of what he needs. We'll see how that goes. But we are off to a promising start:

On Monday we loaded up and Nana, Katleynn, Aubrey and I hit the Edmond LibertyFest Parade!! It was really really nice. I can't believe that we had never been before, but we will definitely be doing this again. We will need to get there a bit earlier next time, 30 min just didn't get us the good seats. But at least they didn't toss candy cause Katelynn wouldn't have been able to get any. I was glad I didn't have to explain that to her. Aubrey had a great time cause she likes to wave bye-bye now. So when she saw someone waving, she jumped right in!! Unfortunately my camera wasn't charged so I had to rely on my phone. Oh well, at least I got some pictures.

Aubrey's First Independence Day and First Parade. (I took this picture while I was holding her, not too easy to do!)

While all of this is going on........

Katelynn is window shopping. At an Antique Store no less. That's my girl!!!


Dancing to the Marching Band!

Even the Star Wars characters were at the parade. (This one is for Uncle Paul!!)

After the parade we headed home to grill out lunch. YUMMO!!! Fresh corn on the grill.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!