Tuesday, October 13, 2009

She's got personality!

K is starting to get her own little personality. She knows what she likes, what she dislikes and what she wants. We are now in the "Pointing and Grunting" stage. She does this to everything thing she wants. Food, the little cat on the shelf, the Halloween sign on the shelf that is even higher up than the cat, my cell phone, you name it. If she wants it, it's a point and an "EH!" She is a quick little crawler. Knows where she wants to be so as soon as you set her down, if she is not satisfied, she is off!! After tomorrow we will no longer have any more "Month" Birthdays but we are fine with that. That means that we are just about to embark on a time where we will be hitting more milestones and making more memories!!

This is how a lot of my pictures are turning out lately. Just the tail end of our little mover! We have to be quick with the camera now-a-days.

This is K's new prank. She gets a kick out of pulling the towels off the oven door. When she gets quiet, we know where she is.

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