Wednesday, February 17, 2010

15 Months

Yesterday was Katelynn's 15 month check up. She did as well as could be expected. She has decided she does not like her Doctor or his nurse. They are the nicest people, but when K sees them, she gets a little upset. Could be because they are always poking at her and giving her shots, but maybe not.
She is 19 lbs and 10 oz (10%) and 29.5 " (25%). She is right on track with her motor skills and language development. She had to get 3 shots yesterday so that put her in a
bit of a messed up mood, but after a nap she was back to normal.
Before we left for the doctor she decided to clean out one of my drawers. She LOVES to do this!! She also tries to hide after she has done it. She thinks if she isn't looking at us then we cannot see her. Oh well, I needed to reorganize that drawer anyways. =)

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