Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Been So Busy

Brian has been out of town for work and it was going to be a short trip but the day before he was to head home, it got extended. No problem, the girls and I have started to get into a groove when Brian has to be gone. But I got a little stomach bug on Saturday so that kinda made things a bit tougher, not impossible, just not as much fun.

We are anxiously awaiting B to get home tonight. He won't be home until after the girls are asleep (well, lets hope) but they will be super excited to see him on Thursday. K
is talking up a storm and saying things I had no idea she knew. I was texting my Cousin A on Sunday and K walked up to me and said" Who ya texting, Mom?" Another thing she does is calls me Mom, a lot. Not mommy or momma, just Mom. It cracks me up!

Aubrey is getting so big. Rolls over and holds up her head like a pro!! She babbles a lot but she mostly talks when she is awake and it is dark, very weird. She loves Katelynn. K can walk up to her and get her to laughing it is so cute and just warms my heart. She has also latched on to two little stuffed toys and she keeps a hold of them all day long. She loves her elephant and rabbit!

Last night I noticed she is starting to make a face that K made at just about the exact same age.
Can you tell me which is which?


  1. Nope. Aubrey has the black blanket and K has the pink. How you feeling?

  2. Shoot! I just knew I had it right. I'm feeling good! Ready to hear that little heart beat again :)