Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Special Birthday for Two Special Ladies!!

I have 2 amazing Aunts. (Well, really, I have 4 Aunts that are almost perfect in my book, Elise, Elaine, Sharon and Gina, but for this post...I am only going to talk about 2!!)

Ok,..... I have 2 Amazing Aunts. They are twins, they are funny, they are honest, they are rocks, they are mine!! And now they are 60! So to celebrate that momentous occasion we had a surprise party for them on Saturday and it was a blast!!!

Most of the family showed up to keep reminding Miss Elise and Miss Elaine that they are 60.
Especially vocal was Uncle Mike, but hey, his time is a comin'!!

We decided to do a photo booth for the party.
We hung up a crazy print sheet and everyone brought in different props.
Then we took pictures of everyone in their crazy get-ups.

It was fun!!

My family is so crazy and I love them for that.
I am also glad that Katelynn and Aubrey will always and forever be surrounded by such silliness. (It's in their blood, ya know!)

The Birthday Girls and Aunt Sharon!!
Hear No Evil..........

Silly boys!!

Even the little kids joined in on the fun. Aubrey wants nothing to do with it, though.

Brothers and Sisters, a special kind of relationship!!

Aunt Elaine and Uncle Jim (and a chicken?)

Aunt Elise and Uncle Fred (Oh, that's really how my Uncle Fred looks. He wouldn't wear a costume!!) =)

This is either Noah wearing a mustache or Luigi the pizza delivery man.

Me and my girls. (Aubrey put her finger up her nose all by herself, she is such a team player!!)

Happy Happy Birthday Aunt Elise and Aunt Elaine.
I hope you realize how much you are loved and how important you are to all of us.
You are our glue........our silly, understanding, always there for us, crazy glue!!

I love you!!

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