Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Wild and Crazy Ride

But one I would ride over and over again!! This past year has been amazing. I wouldn't change a thing. The tears, the giggles, the sleepless nights, the 2 am feedings, the messy diapers, the runny nose, the 7 am snuggles, the bruises from the attempts to crawl, the finally getting the crawling down, the first words, the first kisses, oh those first kisses!! Katelynn Noel you are a blessing from God that I adore. You are my little best friend and I love reminiscing about the past. But even more, I love looking forward to the future. I am looking forward to first steps (check, we are getting the walking down), first teeth, first days of school, first crushes, first "loves", first heartbreaks...cheerleading outfits, prom dresses, homecoming mums.......decorating your college dorm room, decorating your first apartment....seeing you in your cap and gown, seeing you in your wedding dress, seeing you holding your first born. Too many things!!

Katelynn, you are such a precious gift. Know that you have introduced Mommy and Daddy to a kind of love that we never knew existed until you. Know that we will always love you, no matter what. And know that you are so very special to us. You always will be.

Happy First Birthday baby girl!

Grow strong, sweet Katelynn, and know that Mommy and Daddy love you more than words can express.

Miles and Miles Forever!

Love, Mommy

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