Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stealing This Idea

From a friend of mine. A is doing some great "decoration renovations" to her house and she has started to use her blog to show the work that has been completed and also to get input on some of her ideas. I am going to steal this idea and see if I can get some much needed input on my ideas. I have been wanting to do something with the wall over our buffet for years. Seriously, since we purchased the buffet right after we were married I knew something was missing there. While going through the new PB mag, I found some ideas I just love. Not sure how hard they would be, but I am willing to try.

This is a picture of our actual buffet. (bottom) I love this idea of multiple chalkboards. Not sure if I would actually use chalk or just paint black canvases and use the vinyl lettering (if it sticks) or paint something on it. This one seems like a lot of work, but I really like it. I am also not sure if our kitchen could handle this much black. Our cabinets are light and our walls are dill pickle.

My next idea is this. I love these shelves and I would be able to display more of our pictures and great dishes from the wedding. It would also be more storage. It would also be more to dust. Or we could just do a mirror behind it. So not sure. Help me out here guys. (And A, thanks for the blog idea. Hope you don't mind.) =)

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  1. Happy to be of service! I like idea 2 the best. You could always do some canvases to go on the shelf, and then layer it with dishes and pictures in front.