Monday, March 22, 2010

A Little This, A Little That.....

I have a recording of K talking and it is so stinkin' cute!! I have been trying to get it loaded onto the blog but it won't work so I really don't have much to share. We have been trying to go out and play outside a lot more since the weather has been cooperating, well except for this weekend. She loves it outside. It is a bit difficult getting her to go back int he house, but she usually cooperates. Last week it took a couple of extra trips to the back yard and finally a snack on the back porch before I convinced her being in the house wasn't that bad.

We have been having a a bit of a problem with K sleeping through the night. It was only a couple of weeks and we seem to be back on track (knock on wood) but for a while there we were taking a couple of extra naps or longer naps during the afternoon. She started
really getting comfortable is Daddy's chair, so much that she chased him out of it a couple of times. Oh to be able to sleep like that

Not much else is going on. The next week is going to be fun filled. K's aunts and her uncles are coming to town so she is going to be spending lots of time with family. And we have a big Easter Egg hunt planned with the Baustert Family. GOOD TIMES!!!

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