Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Our what once used to be easy nap/night time routine has now turned into a scavenger hunt of sorts.
When K is tired or ready for bed she will let you know by proclaiming "Night, night. Paci. Milk" Now those two items Brian and I get. We know we need to get her a sippy cup of milk and her pacifier. It's when she starts listing off other items that we tend to look at each other and shrug our shoulders. That is when we both run off in different directions and start bringing Miss K random toys, animals and books to see if they are a.) grabbed and pulled into her chest in a big ol' bear hug or more than likely b.) pushed away with an unmistakeable "No!" Piglet is usually a pretty good guess, so is a blanket. Mickey Mouse and Donald are easily understood but some nights it is just easier to set her down on the floor and say "Go get it, sister!!" She is starting to love her babies (unfortunately she has three or four of them and they all go by "Baby"), her stuffed animals (ALL of them) and she has her go-to books. It is fun watching her get older and seeing what it is she wants and knowing that she KNOWS what it is that she wants. Our Little Bit is becoming a Big Girl. **sniff sniff**

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