Saturday, September 25, 2010

This is What Happens.......

when you leave your almost two year old and husband alone for all of 15 minutes.....husband teaches two year old new ""tricks".

when you take your daughter to see Mickey on should have seen our smiles.

when Mickey Mouse leaves the ice and daughter realizes he is gone for at least another year....and Daddy realizes it will be another year before he has to sit through that again!! (Just Kidding, he actually enjoyed it.)

when Big Sister wakes up from her nap and finds you taking pictures of Little Sister.......she feels the need to join in, no matter how rough she looks.

when you suggest she "lose" the paci, and when she doesn't accept that idea, you try and take it out of her mouth anyways.

when you know you have taken way too many pictures of Little Sister, at least for that afternoon.

when your helper is sick and tired of helping you with the laundry.

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