Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Fun

We are trying to do something fun for the girls this summer.
It always seems to go by so fast and we are left wondering where the time went and if we did anything fun that Katelynn and Aubrey might remember. (OK, more Katelynn than Aubrey. We aren't delusional. We know A's not going to remember any of this, but we are still doing this for her also.)

Last night we went to eat at McDonald's, something we have never done before. Katelynn was very excited that she finally got to go to a restaurant where she didn't have to be all that quiet and received a toy with her meal. To our amazement (and luck) she did not notice the play area. Of course, we sat her facing the opposite direction, but she could have turned around at any time.
She enjoyed her meal. She danced to the music playing overhead and was particularly happy with her choice of chicken nuggets.

After that we headed over to Shivers for a sno-cone. This is something that Katleynn asks for every once in a while and it is such an easy request, so why not.
We then headed home and sat outside and compared the colors of our tongues.
Katelynn had a purple tongue from her grape sno-cone, daddy sported a chilly cherry red tongue and poor mommy, she tried the Silver Fox, nuthin'!! Darn that clear cream and almond flavored sugar syrup, but it was pretty tastey. =) Aubrey got little bites of all three but really liked the Silver Fox!

No pictures were taken, the camera was thought about then quickly forgotten.

Summer is going to start getting a little busy.
With me lovin' my Boot Camp and thinking about keeping it going for a quite a bit longer and I have a Woman's Bible Study starting this evening and little Noah expected to make an appearance any day now, well all I can say is...........WHEW!!!

We will still make time for dips in the pool, sno-cones in the front yard, and pictures, lots and lots of pictures!! Hopefully we are making memories for our sweet little girls because I know they are making memories for me!

Pictures are from this past Sunday. Daddy had a "business meeting" on the golf course so Mommy and the girls skipped Church and headed to the Park.

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