Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Twilight Swim.....

That is what we as a family did on Monday evening. It was so much fun. We met some great friends at Pelican Bay in Edmond and played in the water from 6:00 pm until close to 8:00 pm.
Katelynn had such a good time. She was on the slide for the most part but then on the "purple dinosaur" which she later told us was her favorite part. She also went on the "curvey" river with Dad once or twice. It was a really nice place and not too busy.

I think Aubrey wanted to get into the water a little more than we let her. She was having a good time kicking and splashing in the pool.

This is definitely something we will be doing again very soon.

Katelynn playing in the water.

Looking pretty on the slide.

"Hi Mom!!"

Good friend, Miss E, gave her the courage to go down the slide towards the end of the night.

Little Aubrey soaking up some rays and sucking on her hat!

I am so happy that summer is here. I am ready to do things like this with my girls and my hubs.
I think Brian has more fun on these outings than K and A do.

(There was a BIG slide at the pool and there was some time spent watching daddy go down it a FEW times!!)

Bring on Summer!!

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  1. We had fun! Let me know when you want to go again and we will be there. Next time we need to grab a burger or something beforehand so we have time to actually chat. Although I'm sure the girls don't need us hovering in the pool as much as we think they do :) And HOLY COW look how much bigger Emma looks on that slide!