Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Birthday Wish for You

My Aubrey Barrett is One Year Old!!
Is that hard for you to believe? It is for me!
Time has flown by. And Aubrey getting older means Katelynn is getting older (and I am getting older, but that is an entirely different post!!)

Aubrey has changed so much and so has the Sister Relationship.
They have gone from this (newborn):

To this (3 mos):
This (6 mos):
To this (9 mos):
And now this (12 mos):
I love my brothers! Love them!! They are both amazing men and both are amazing (& soon-to-be amazing) fathers. They were great protectors and great confidants. We have a very close relationship. I am not saying it is closer than any normal brother/sister relationship. But we are close! We hardly go a couple of days without talking to each other or texting or some how making contact.
I wouldn't trade it for the world. But I always wanted a sister! Someone to share clothes with, talk about boys to, stand beside at each other's wedding. There is just something about the sister bond that I really missed out on.
And I hope, I pray, that my two girls have this with each other. It looks like they are developing an amazing relationship now. It's my wish that they will remember these good times. These great times and let the little things, like stained favorite sweaters or lost favorite earrings, be just that, little things. Little memories that they drudge up over late night Birthday phone conversations that always happen, no matter where or when they are in their lives.
That is my Birthday wish for you Aubrey Barrett!

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