Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Walking for a Cure!

This past Saturday was the walk in Downtown Oklahoma City for Alzheimer's.
This was the first year that my family has participated but I have a feeling this is going to become a tradition. We walked this year in honor of our Grandma B and Mimi.
Grandma B is the mother of my dad and my Aunts Elise, Elaine and Sharon (Mike and Bob too!)
Mimi is my Aunt Elise's mother-in-law. She is my Uncle Fred's mom and my cousins Amy, Jeni & Tami's grandma. But she has always been a part of our family, she was like a grandma to all of us.
So we walked for them!

Back Row: Cousin Jessica, Aunt Sharon, Me
Front Row: Aunt Elaine, Aunt Elise and Cousins Amy, Jeni & Tami
My Aunt Sharon and her daughter Jessica designed the shirts for Team B.

The Daughters.

The Granddaughters.

We met at the Bricktown Ballpark and registered.
We picked up our shirts and our flowers.
We also had free water, bananas, cereal bars and juice boxes. It was really nice. The Alzheimer's Association did a great job!

On the flowers we put the names of our Grandmothers and held them up high during the opening ceremony.
Then we were off!! It was a 2 mile walk downtown that began at the Ballpark and ended there as well.

Downtown OKC are you ready for Team B!!?!!

Awwww, sisters!

Sisters again! See, I totally missed out not having one of these! (Oh well, I have amazing cousins that are my sisters!!)

Is that a hill!? How are we gonna do this?

A conga line of course!!

What a great guy! Jessica's boyfriend, Harlen, walked this with all of us crazy girls!! (I think he had a blast, though.)

Almost home!

This was The Memory Garden they had in the outfield at the Ballpark. They collected all our flowers at the beginning of the race and then "planted" them here for us to see when we ended the walk. Then we were allowed to go find our flowers and keep them. I know what you are thinking, and yes! it was nearly impossible!! We found 6 out of 8 flowers. I think that was pretty good!!

Saturday was an amazing day. We had perfect weather for the Alzheimer's walk.
We had perfect company in all the participants who should up for one cause, to raise money to find a cure for this evil, dreaded, heartbreaking disease. I ran into so many people that I knew from Okarche and from college that I hadn't realized had been touched by this disease.

It was wonderful to sit back and talk about some of our favorite memories of some of our favorite women. We talked about the good times and laughed and even talked about some of the more difficult times, but still managed to laugh. That is what we do as a family.

Next year we are going to do it up BIG!! Shirts, more team members, maybe even a theme song.
I think we are going to get some of our children and do the walk. That way they will know their Great Grandma's.

But I am praying that next year we do the walk because they have found a cure for Alzheimer's.
Wouldn't that be amazing!!?

We love you Grandma B and Mimi and we will always remember you and the memories we all made together!!

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