Monday, September 26, 2011

Would You Like a Spot of Tea?

Katelynn and I would, and we DID!!
Saturday K and I went to Tea Party. We were invited by our good Friends Miss A and Miss E and it was so much fun.

We (sort of) got all gussied up (as much and I can gussy) and headed out to Inspirations Tea Room in Edmond.

It was so sweet for the girls, at least I thought it was. The presentation, the decor, everything was just sweet. So sweet that the "mommas" are going to go by themselves next time. =)

Katelynn tried the Vanilla Tea. She took two sips and then told me "I had two spots of tea, and it was yucky."
Ok, so she is not a tea girl. But the tea was really good. I had two glasses and a to-go cup!
And the presentation of the food was amazing. If I had gone to a tea party like that when I was a little girl, I think I would have remembered it, for always.

I will be taking Katelynn back there, I will be taking Aubrey there, and I will be going back there sans children.
It was an extra special extra fun Saturday spent with my Big Girl and some good friends.

Katelynn's first "spot" of tea. (It was cold, by the way.)

Next time, we work on the raised pinky. (Oh, and we get the lemonade!)

This was K's food. She had grilled ham and cheese, Heart-shaped fluffernutters, scones. chocolate dipped strawberries.....

And a cupcake!!

Going back for more! (The "mommys" split a larger Tea Party Tray. It had sandwiches, cheesecake, scones and lemon curd....delish!!)

There was not a lack of sugar!!

The three little ladies with their hats, so prim and proper.

And this? Oh this is Katelynn's new pose for EVERY PICTURE!! She thinks she is funny. What a riot. =)

It was a wonderful Saturday! One that I will not forget. And one that I will repeat.

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