Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Katelynn decided this year that Santa "was her friend" and she wanted a picture taken with him. So we loaded up the girls and headed to Northpark Mall to get pictures with Santa.
Katelynn did just fine but Aubrey didn't like sitting on the jolly man's lap. Oh well, who could really blame her.

I also snapped a picture of my three little babes under the tree. Best! Christmas! Present! This! Year!!

On Christmas Eve Chippie made his final appearance of the year. He left a little note for Katelynn and Aubrey and I know they are already looking forward to seeing him next year.

The girls and I had our 2nd Annual Christmas Cookie Night. We made sugar cookies and melted snowman cookies for Santa. Katelynn was really into the decorating this year.

Katelynn is starting to grasp the idea of Santa Clause. So she was super excited for Christmas Eve to arrive.
Here is our living room after Santa arrived. (Yes, I have a strand of lights out!!)

Our Christmas morning was so much fun.
Katelynn was so excited when she saw her "dolly-house". She had seen it the night before when she had woken up and walked into the living room, so she knew it was waiting for her!!
She loved everything about it. She even let Aubrey play with it for a little while.

But Mommy loves that Katelynn still loves her some books!!

Santa brought Aubrey a Bouncy Cow that Katelynn named Margaret. I am not sure why or if that is what Katelynn even said. But whatever she said sounded like Margaret, and it has stuck!!

Noah came over that evening and was greeted immediately by kisses from the girls.

Then it was his turn on Ol' Margaret!!

Noah was so funny opening up his gifts. Every time Angela opened a present he would squeal!! I think Brian sent a video of it to Paul.

Here is a picture of Aubrey with her favorite gift, a stroller from Nanaw.
She is telling me to be quiet, her baby is sleeping.

I cannot wait until next year! Christmas with my two little girls, it's going to be a blast!!
Paul will be home and Kris and Miriam and baby Ridgley might be here also. It is going to be a great year leading up until next Christmas!!

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!!

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