Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Month in Review

I know it has been over a month since I have last posted but it has been crazy fun with work and around the Bateman house. We have been getting ready for Christmas!!
And we did get ready for Christmas and we've had Christmas. Funny how that works, huh?

Here is a little bit of stuff we did leading up to Christmas...

In November Brain and I tool Katelynn to her First OU Football game. It was against Baylor and it was in Waco. We hit all the happening spots in Waco, OK, we went to George's that is about all they got! But it is Daddy's favorite place to....eat so we are passing on that tradition to Katelynn. She loved it too. (Although she kept calling it John's!) George's is also where Katelynn had catfish for the first time. It was her choice and she liked it so much she ordered it again Saturday for lunch!!

Saturday we woke up and met some of Brian's friends who went to Baylor. We all walked around the campus, Brain was re-living his glory days. Katelynn really enjoyed all the buildings and pretending she was at "school". It was so much fun.
We took her to see the bears on campus and she really liked that. They were a little lazy, but who can blame them.

The game was in the evening and the outcome was not what daddy wanted. Baylor ended up beating OU for the FIRST TIME EVER!! Katelynn is now banned from all football games. Sorry Sister!

After our trip to Waco we started getting ready for the Holidays.

Thanksgiving was just the four of us and we had a really relaxing time. Mommy made her first turkey and it was OK. And then we just chilled, we loved it!!

Chippie our elf soon made his appearance and the girls had so much fun looking for him each and every morning. Aubrey would wave to him when she saw him and get this HUGE smile on her face. Katelynn would remind everyone "You can't touch Chippie!! He'll lose his magic!"

Chippie turned up in some peculiar places but I think the girls liked his tea party with Tinkerbelle best!

Then we spent a lot of time making ornaments for the tree and goodies for Katelynn's class party. She was a bit help with all of our crafting adventures this year.

We also finished up the 53 clothespin people just in the nick of time!!!!

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