Friday, July 13, 2012

Zoo Birthday

Noah turned 1 on June 21st!        
I cannot believe he is already 1 year old!!

For his Birthday we took Noah and the Girls to The Zoo. My girls have never been before. I know, Katelynn is almost 4 and had never been to the Zoo but you have to take into consideration the timing; 2 years ago I was huge pregnant with Aubrey and last summer was JUST TOO HOT! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!)

Noah waiting to go into the Zoo for his Birthday!!

Such a cutie and such a love bug! He has the best laugh, the best kisses and the BEST blue eyes I have ever seen. Love this little boy!!

I bought Katelynn a disposable camera for her first trip the The Zoo. We have yet to develop her pictures but I have a sneaky suspicion that not many will be frame worthy. No offense Kiki. (this was also on our Summer List. Another check, cool!)

Aubrey got very excited at the Koi Pond. Although you couldn't really tell what she was saying, well, because she will NOT remove the baa from her mouth.

Here is Noah telling Aubs all about the goats, because that is what a boy cousin is supposed to do!!

Kiki and Aubrey feeding the goats hay.

Noah catching a ride with Daddy

Kiki catching a ride with Uncle Paul too. These two are so close, I love it!!

It rained while we were at the zoo, but that was not a problem. It actually kept things cool and we found refuge with the monkeys.  Oh, and we saw some gorillas while we were there too.  **hee hee hee**

 Katelynn likes to tell the story of how the monkey "startled" her. She actually uses the word startled. She is getting so big.

The loved The Zoo. We didn't get to see the whole thing. It is so spread out and since it was raining a lot of the animals were under shelter. We'll go back again.

Guess what, going to the Zoo was also on out Summer List so you guessed it, CHECK!!

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