Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mother's Day Out

OK, so I missed out on an entire month!! The last month of Summer! Aubrey's Birthday Month!
I will try to catch up later but right now I will try to update you on Aubrey's Adventures in Mother's Day Out!!

Katelynn loved "school". We have rarely had a problem with her. In fact, I cried more the first day I dropped her off than she ever has. (OK, I had just had Aubrey and the hormones they were a'racin', but still!)

Aubrey, well, she's a different story. She does not like school. At all!
We drive by the building and she starts saying "No school. No Miss Tamra. No Miss Kelle."

Bad part, Miss Tamra and Miss Kelle are saints! Wonderful, wonderful ladies.
Worse part, "school" is at our Church so this behavior continues every Sunday morning.

Have I mentioned how amazing Aubrey's teachers are? Miss Kelle, Patron Saint of Coloring with My Crying Child, and Miss Tamra, Patron Saint of Taking the Screaming and Kicking Child Out of My Arms so I can Escape. (that's the Catholic in me making a come back)

They are truly amazing ladies.

And to calm me Miss Tamra sends me random pictures at random times so I know Aubrey is doing OK, (see, how sweet is that?) or maybe it is so I know that Aubrey hasn't completely disrupted the class and I do not need to swoop in and rescue them from My Lobster.

Here are some of the wonderful and reassuring pictures I have been sent over the past few weeks.

There she is! That is Miss Tamra and my Aubster on her first day!!

A little later on and Aubrey was playing with all the toys.

A's squishy face smile. (We worked on her smile before our family pictures. We didn't want this face, be it adorable, in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE.

Here she is with one of her new friends

She was thinking about being happy, but decided to go with serious instead. Hey, no tears so I am happy!

Here's a happy girl. Of course, she's happy, she's making a mess with shaving cream!

Aubrey rolling out play doh with corn. Miss Tamra said she loved shucking the corn.

Here is today's picture. This morning was an especially difficult day. She DID NOT want to go to school. There were tears, lots of "No"s, and even some punches were thrown.
But she ran into Big Sister Katelynn out on the playground and hung out with the older girls for a little while. 

I thought by this time she would really start enjoying school, but not yet. Oh well, we'll give her some more time. She's just a little girl, right?

Next step, losing the bah. (Her pacifier) I have a feeling she will start Kindergarten with that thing. And don't even get me started on the potty training issues.  Whoever said that your children will be completely different knew exactly what they were talking about.

My girls could not be more different, but I would not change that for anything in the world!!

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