Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"It's Been Too Long" Tuesday......

OK, so I know I need to post more often. Little K is changing so much everyday and you all need to see that. But, as I said before, she is changing everyday and we are having so much fun, sometimes I forget to post (or am just a little too busy!). Well, Sunday was her 7 month birthday!! She has changed so much in the past four weeks. We can sit all by ourself. We can even keep from falling over when we stretch too far to get a toy or turn around to see what the noise behind us is. We don't have too many of the toppling backward moments. Now, the face plants, we still have tons of these. And this is mainly because K is trying to pull herself up now. Anything she can get a hold of, she tries to pull up to her feet. We can get to our knees, but that is just not good enough. Nope, it's all or nothing for Katelynn.  Solids are going great. She loves just about everything I give her, except avocados.  She doesn't much care for these. So I decided since she practically wasted an entire avocado, we'd do facials. You're never too young, right?
I promise I will try and post more often.  Oh, congrats to my friend M!! Baby G born June 8. Such a beautiful beautiful babe!!

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