Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally..a new post.

It has been a crazy few weeks for us. Lots of family in town and lots of things going on so I have kinda let posting fall through the cracks. My bad!
Thanksgiving was a good time! We went to Brian's parent's house and spent the day with family!! We ate some amazing food, played Cranium and Katelynn modeled a new hair bow. Things I learned: Em needs to brush up on television shows (namely Star Trek) and Claudia can do a mean Elvis impersonation!
Brian and I tackled the holiday decorating on our Friday off (well, we pulled everything out of the attic) and while he was at the game on Saturday (BOOMER! Sorry A.) Katelynn and I decided to set it all up. I love this time of year! I love having green and red throughout the house. I love turning on the tree lights and turning off every other light in the house and just looking at the tree. I ordered new stockings and I was so excited to hang them. Monogrammed stockings with our names, so festive!!

Katelynn has done better with the
tree than I thought. She took one ornament off the tree and I have since let her have that one. Anytime she gets near the tree, which hasn't been all that often, I give her "her" ornament and she plays with that one. I had to bait her last night though to get some pictures for our Christmas cards. SO I am hoping that hasn't planted the seed that grabbing for the ornaments is a good thing.

Oh! We also made the final monthly trip to the photographer and took K's 1 year picture. I am so happy to be finished with that ritual. I love that we did it and we will definitely do the same with the next child, but I am relieved to be finished with it for now. This last one was a little rough. They couldn't get us in until 7:30 pm and of course they were running behind so K was getting a little fussy. But we got a couple of cute pictures out of it and that is all that matters.


  1. Your house looks awesome!! I am totally jealous of that huge tree. That's on my after Christmas sale shopping list. I've decided to become a Texas fan :)

  2. Don't let B know about that Texas thing. He may forbid K and I from ever seeing you again. I bought the display tree from Sam's a couple of years ago. BAD IDEA!! It is so torn up, broken and they didn't have a box for it so after every Christmas we break another strand of lights getting it into the attic. We are going to be needing a new one soon, but I love how big it is!