Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas to All...

Christmas this year was a bit different. Still fun, but different. Christmas Eve is usually spent with my family in Kingfisher, but this year it was postponed until the day after Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent this year scrounging around the pantry and concocting a new Christmas Eve meal called "Next Year We Will Make Sure We Go Grocery Shopping No Matter How Wrong We Think the Weathermen Are" casserole. Ok, it was spaghetti with a few extras thrown in. We also let Daddy open a Christmas present early and watched a movie.

Christmas morning we celebrated with our little family first. K had some presents to open from Mommy and Daddy and Santa even left her a couple, guess she must have been good. Of course, she went for the book first thing!! Then we made it over to Brian's parent's
house and had a late lunch with the whole family, but Aunt Julie. (She was really missed) Then it was back home to spend it with my family. Katelynn made out like a bandit, once again. She got some cute outfits and pj's and a lot of toys. Uncle Paul and Aunt Angela got her a pair of John Deere boots and she loves them! Nanaw got her her first Cabbage Patch Baby, Marilyn Mandy (And I thought the names would get better.) and her first OU jersey. I think she looks pretty cute. (Not too far off from a gen-u-wine Sooner Fan, if you ask me. BOOMER!!)

Like I said, Saturday we made it to Kingfisher to be with my family. It wouldn't have been Christmas with out seeing my cousins and their kids. K was hanging with the big boys and playing in the toy room with the best of 'em. Baby Gabrielle was there so next year, her and K will be ready to play together.

I know it is time for me to take all the decorations down, but I hate it when I have to do that. Besides it being a ton of work, I love the way our house looks when it is all festive. Oh well, it has to be done so that will probably be our job on Friday. A couple of more nights with the living room lit up by Christmas Tree lights will make me a happy camper.
I hope all had a safe holiday. Happy New Year to you all.

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