Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy Weekend......

We had a very busy weekend . We were non-stop until this afternoon. Brian had been buying flowers all week long and Saturday was his day to get them planted. He pulled some sick holly bushes out of the front flowerbed and replaced then with bagonias and a couple of new shrubs. He also planted the ornamental sweet potato in the front bed and did most of his flower pots. He has a couple more left to do but what he did looks wonderful!! While he was working in the yard, K and I hit the mall. I needed to get her a pair of shoes to wear with her dresses and summer outfits so we headed to Stride Rite. I had just bought her her tennis shoes a few months ago so when the asked if she needed to be measured I said "Sure. She's a 3 1/2 but if she is closer to a 4, maybe we should look at 4 1/2 cause I don't want her growing out of them before the end of the summer." Glad they measured her. She's a 5!!!! I have been stuffing my baby girl's size 5 into a 3 1/2 for months! I feel terrible. The lady said it happens all the time and the leather actually stretches out so it wasn't painful for her. I still felt bad, so I bought her 2 pairs! She loves her pink tennies but isn't too found of her white sandals. She carried her pink shoes with her for the rest of the day on Saturday. After church today when I took off her sandals, she pitched them off the changing table onto the floor and then grabbed her pink shoes. Oh well. While we were at the mall we hit a huge sale at Penny's and then went and bought me a few shirts. Then we went grocery shopping at Target. K slept through the Target trip, so I carrried while I shopped and she drooled down my shoulder, so sweet.
We finally made it home and fixed lunch, then it was time to hit our first party. My boss' dad turned 80 on Saturday so they had a Kentucky Derby themed party. It was really neat. All the ladies wore big hats and dresses and the guys were derbys. Mint juleps were served and so was what smelled like a deee-licious meal. I made K a big ol' pink hat with feathers. She wore it for a lot longer than I thought she would. We had to leave early to make it to our second birthday party. Our friends were having a cookout for Jessica's b-day. Our Sunday School class was invited and a ton of people showed up. They kids all played outside and we stood around and put band-aids on skinned knees, wiped mud off shoes, etc. etc. It was a really fun time. We stayed a little too late, well way past my and K's bedtime. So we woke up early this morning and headed to church and then came straight home, had lunch and tried to take a nap. K was fighting it, but after a while she relented and we caught a couple of zzz's.

This weekend was fun, busy, but fun. K is growing so fast and pretty soon it won't be just the three of us, so I am enjoying all the time I have with my two favorite people.

B is getting K to sleep right now and I am about to crawl into bed to read a book. Ahhh, Sunday nights. I am going to leave you with a picture of my little girl in her pj's Grandma Owana bought for her. Isn't she just the cutest!!?


  1. SO FUN!! She is such a little trooper to handle all that so well. Her PJs are adorable! Now you've got me thinking I need to have Emma's foot measured. Maybe she hates wearing shoes because they are all too small.

  2. Her little smile in that picture is delightful. What a precious little one she is!!