Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Girlie Girl..

Katelynn has become my little girlie girl and I love it. She is starting to like bows in her hair, but only when she wants them in there and they come out when she decides it has been long enough. She will wear hats now. She even lets me put her hair into pigtails and ponytails. Best of all, she loves her shoes!! She will change shoes two or three times a day. She has started to wear my shoes around the house. At first, she would get them from the closet and have me put them on. Now she will walk around in them. We went to a birthday party on the day of the Kentucky Derby so it was Derby Themed. We made K a hat to wear. She wore it a bit, but not much. Now I will come home from lunch to find her wearing the hat and pushing her stroller around. I guess you have to have the right accessories to push around the stroller. She is such a funny little girl. Here are a few pics of her in her derby hat and momma's shoes. Enjoy!

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