Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy Weekend......

We had an incredibly busy weekend again. We had a Birthday Party and celebrated Father's Day early so we were on the run!! Katelynn got to see most of her Aunts and Uncles this weekend. It was my brother's, "Unca Paul", birthday on Friday so we went to a cookout and pool party on Saturday. Katelynn and Brian went swimming and Katelynn loves the water. We ate way too much and got to hang out with Paul, Angela, Josh, Jill and Gina. It was a really good time. After that party we headed to Lolli and Pop's house to celebrate Father's Day since Aunt Julie and Auntie Emm were in town. Once again, ate too much and did some swimming. K was having a bit of rough week, 4 molars and 2 incisors are trying to come in, so K and I left early. Sunday she seemed to be doing better. Nanaw Mickie met us at Toys R Us because she wanted to get K her birthday present, way early. She got her a playhouse but wanted her to be able to play with it over the summer. While we were there, I bought K a Cozy Coupe. She loved the car when we were at Uncle Pauls' birthday party so we/I decided she had to have one. It was like Christmas in June for Miss Katelynn this weekend!!

Katelynn couldn't wait for Brian to get the car put together before she hopped in! She was very excited. She "rode" around in it all night last night and has been in it all day today. (She found a set of Brian's old car keys with the key fob on them. She will hold the fob out the car's side window and click it like she is opening a garage door or something. Silly girl.)

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