Monday, July 26, 2010

The Last Month in a Nutshell Part I

So I am going to post as many "happenings" and pics of Katelynn as I can. Unfortunately, I have let the blog and it's "fans" (hee hee) down. So here we go.........
Brian started work on Katelynn's "Big Girl Room". We all went out to dinner and then headed to Home Depot to pick out the paint. Katelynn loved all the paint samples and has decided that Home Depot is one of her favorite-est places to be. She loves it there!!
She decided that she would help Daddy tape off the room.
What a good helper!!

And she's done!! Hey, she helped a little bit.

We are almost finished with her Big Girl Room but I will have to post pictures of that later. The same with Tis' room. We are st
ill doing a little here and there but once it is done, I will put up pics.

For the Fourth of July we all went to Lolli and Pop's for dinner. Aunt Julie and Aunt Emmy were in town and we had a blast!! Towards the end of the night Katelynn had Julie reading book after book. They are now best friends forever!!

Uncle Kris came back to town for his birthday and introduced Katelynn to the water hose...

To be continued.......

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