Monday, July 26, 2010

Quick Update.....

OK, OK, I know I have been slacking on this blog thing. I have meant to update it numerous times, but then it gets pushed to the back burner. We have so many cute and fun things that are going on right now but it seems we are doing the fun things instead of writing about them. So I am going to try and update this thing TODAY.
In the weeks since June 30, here is what I have been doing.......... growing a baby!!
Baby Tis has gone from 3.3 pounds and 16" to 5.25 pounds and 18". Fat is accumulating under her skin and her skeleton is hardening. I am putting in extra time making sure her central nervous system and her lungs are still maturing. (Let me tell you, that in itself is exhausting!!) I finally finished all it took to get her kidneys developed and her liver is starting to process. Right now, just like her momma, her physical development is over and we are just putting on weight.
(Brian, I hope you are laughing right now. this is what the past 8 months have been like for B. When he asks me what I did at work I usually answer with "oh, I just worked on Tis' brain and her tastebuds today, no biggee." I am lucky he hasn't booted me out of the house, yet.)

4 weeks from today people!! Four weeks from right now we should have a baby that is 4 hours old, how surreal. Will post the Katie Bug updates after lunch!

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