Monday, July 26, 2010

The Last Month in a Nutshell Part III

Here are a few more moments:

Katelynn has this love of toothpaste. She loves to brush her teeth but I think she loves the toothpaste more. Here she loves it not only on her toothbrush but also covering her entire leg!! BATH TIME!!!!

She is also getting used to her potty. She has actually used it a couple of times, but nothing to get too excited about. Here she has decided that it is a good place to rest while she applies her lipstick.

No wonder she smells like sunscreen for days after she's been swimming!!

We are getting ready for Baby Sister to arrive. (She is feeding her Cabbage Patch Baby, Marilyn Mandy. Nope, the names aren't getting any better!!)

We still have so many more cute pics of The Bug but this will have to do for now. I promise, next time there won't be such a long time between posts!!

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