Friday, March 11, 2011

Six Months

Aubrey had her Six Month Wellness visit on Wednesday. She looks great. She is 14 lbs 11 oz and 25". She is sitting up by herself, most of the time, and making all kinds of sounds. She also gets where she wants to go by scooting or rolling, so crawling is really not too far away. She actually got up on her arms the other day and tried to scoot over to me. She has the idea, but not the coordination, just yet.

We are having a few issues with her sleeping through the night, or NOT sleeping through the night. Dr. Krous said not to feed her when she wakes up. We tried that on Wednesday night and it made for a very long night. But Thursday night she only woke up twice. At the 4:00 am wake up, we did give her a bottle because you could tell she was hungry.

She is such a fun little girl. Completely different from Katelynn, but just as sweet. To me she seems like an Old Soul. She can say a million different things with just her facial expressions and she seems to have this wisdom that just radiates from her eyes and her smiles. And she is the smiliest baby. She has always been generous with her smiles and they just make your heart feel good.

We love you Aubrey Barrett!!


  1. So sweet! And did you get a new chair? That black and white one in the first picture ... I love it!

  2. We did actually.....the chair in the pic where A is sleeping. But the first pic witht he multi-colored block is the In=law's casa. (Mother-in-law has awesome taste.)