Thursday, March 24, 2011

She is 7 Months old....

And so bright eyed.
(And if you look closely, both eyes are very bright! No more clogged tear ducts. The right one cleared up this week on its own, so NO PROCEDURE!!)

Aubrey is so much fun. Such a good little girl who loves to cuddle, eat paper towels, steal Katelynn's sippy cup and sing herself to sleep.

She has this super cute smiley face she does now. I think she knows that it gets a lot of attention when she does it, so she does it often.

She is getting better at sleeping through the night. She only wakes up once a night, usually.

She is getting the hang of the solid food and loves her some Puffs!!

We Love You Miss Aubrey.
You are a sweet, sweet little girl.

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