Monday, March 14, 2011

Look at What I Did.......

I was looking for wreaths on because I love that website and because we seriously need a spring time wreath. We usually keep the winter Red Berry wreath up through Valentine's Day because, well, it's red. This year I bought a Valentine's wreath and just could not justify putting up the berry wreath again and you really can't keep a heart shaped wreath up past March 1st.
After perusing the wreaths on etsy for a few days I found two that I LOVED!! But I couldn't afford them both. (Have you ever priced a wreath? They are not cheap. And I mean anywhere you look for wreaths. They are more expensive than I thought they would be.) And then with shipping added on to the already hefty price, I couldn't get both, or really, either. So I headed to Hobby Lobby.
Now, I always have good, who am I kidding, GREAT =) ideas when it comes to crafty things. Unfortunately, somewhere between my head and my hands there is a disconnection.
But, I went ahead and picked up some things that I thought I might need to re-create a gorgeous spring time wreath.
It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, and it might not hold up past this spring, but I love it!!
(And it is not nearly as beautiful as the one I saw on etsy. If I win the lottery and have an extra $85, I am buying the real thing off etsy.)
Check it out:

Since this picture was taken I have added a bow at the top (and felt at the bottom to keep the metal from scratching the door.)

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  1. That is beautiful! I love it and I bet it looks perfect on your door!