Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Summer of Lists

I love lists. I actually love crossing done items off lists. To be honest with you, usually the first item on my TO DO list is "Make a To Do List" so as soon as I am finished, that gets marked through and I start off my list with something already accomplished.  A little off, I know. Somewhere there is probably a statistic that says because of that I am a little schizo, maybe ADD or OCD or something like that (and to answer the question that is in your head, yes the clock in my car is 15 minutes fast!).

But since time is just flying by I thought that maybe lists would help me make the most out of the time I have with my children, help me remember and follow through with the grand ideas I have for my home, heck, get a couple of fun things done this summer!!  So Saturday morning, Katelynn and I turned on Sprout and made a list of 50 things we wanted to do this Summer.

Now, it is nothing fancy. It is not framed, or written on a chalkboard, or even written in multiple colored ink. It is just a list of 50 small things we think might be fun.

The best part of this list is every morning Katelynn will come up to me and say "Mommy, have you checked the list yet?  We need to check the list." 

I let her pick 3-4 things that she wants to do during the week. I don't tell her what they are, she just randomly chooses a few items and I put a star by them. those are what we need to do that week. 

I hope this ends up being fun for her and Aubrey both. We've been able to check one item off already. We went swimming Saturday. Or the girls went swimming. And so did Pop.  It was no where warm enough for me. I'l be waiting until the middle of July to get into the pool, but the girls got in and that is one big ol' check on our list!!

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