Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!

Well, we had a WONDERFUL three day weekend. Actually, for us, it started on Thursday. My little brother, Kris, came in to town from Chicago for the weekend. He hasn't seen Katelynn since December. Katelynn loves her Uncle Kris!! But by Saturday evening she decided she didn't like him very much any more. I am not sure what it was, maybe the beard, but she wanted nothing more to do with him. Just wait until he is here the next time, we won't be able to separate them! Thursday K also had her 6 month pictures taken. I cannot wait to see them. I will post the website whenever her shoot is up. Should be in two weeks. Friday evening Katelynn and Daddy hung out while Mommy went to Kingfisher to hang out with the Aunts and the Cousins and scrapbook. We had a great time and I got a few more pages done and some great ideas from the fam. Saturday we went to Barnes and Noble for story time with Emma and Gavin and then came home and got ready for the trek to Eischen's. Katelynn was in the best mood and LOVED all the attention from everyone. Sunday was Sunday School (our 2nd trip to the church nursery and she did great, again.) and then a cookout with Uncle Kris, Nanaw Mickie, Grandma and Grandpa B, Uncle Paul, Aunt Angela, Uncle David and Candace. GREAT FOOD and even better conversation! (Angela made the best cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. It was so good Brian ate a piece for Breakfast this morning!) Today we went out to the Memorial Day Ceremony at the 45th Infantry Museum. Brian and I have gone almost every year since we have been dating and it was Katelynn's first. There were about 600 people this year, it gets bigger every year and that is great. It was a bit warm, but we lathered on the SPF 60+ and grabbed the juice filled sippy cup and our big white hat and had a good time. We had lunch at Coits and then came home and both K and I took really good, really long, much overdue naps! (Not sure what Daddy did, I was snoozing!!) Hope everyone had a great weekend and if anyone was or had loved ones traveling, hope all made it home safely. Happy Memorial Day to everyone and I hope we all remember what this day is really about.

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