Monday, May 4, 2009

She likes 'em!! She really likes 'em.

Carrots that is. We actually tried carrots on Friday and K seemed to like them. I mean, look at that face, utter enjoyment. (I went ahead and tried them, and they tasted like,well,........carrots! Phillie was pretty interested in the whole ordeal. I think she has realized this litttle thing that arrived about 6 months ago might be coming in pretty handy soon. She is starting to eat food and likes to drop things. Phillie's favorite place is going to be underneath the highchair.) We have had carrots for three days in a row. No problems. So maybe tonight we will try another orange. Although, I am not sure that I will be trying the sweet potatos. Since I don't like them to begin with, I don't think I will like them pureed or mixed with corn. We had a very good weekend. The three of us hit the greenhouses and bought plants for all of our pots, (I will post pics of Brian's creations later tonight.) we went out to dinner with a couple of good friends on Saturday night, Sunday we went to Sunday School and then made a quick trip to Okarche to see my cousin who is home for 2 weeks from Iraq. K took FIVE (5) naps yesterday and was up bright and early this morning. Hope everyone has a good Monday. Remember, this Sunday is Mother's Day. Don't forget to give your mom a big ol' hug and kiss 'cause this mother stuff is lots of work.


  1. FIVE naps?! That deserves some sort of medal. I can't wait to see Emma's reaction to food. I think we're going to try it on Sunday.

  2. She is so stinkin cute, Jodi! Glad she is doing so well with the "solids." :)