Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Katelynn's New BFF!

Uncle Kris was in town last weekend and he and Katelynn became fast friends. They will Skype on the computer every few weeks and I think she remembers that. We have been trying to get her to say Uncle Kris which she will, every once in a while, but refers to Kris as "Uncle". She has no problems saying Uncle Paul, and much to Kris' dismay, says it rather frequently. Oh well, she loves both her Uncles but I think she bonded with Uncle this weekend.

Above, Uncle is teaching Katelynn how to bid on/buy motorcycle parts on eBay. A skill that will come in handy. :)

Uncle had to give Katelynn a lift to the patio on Friday night after they played soccer in the backyard with the big blue ball. Katelynn was just too worn out to make the trek all by herself.

Come back soon Uncle, we already miss you!!!!

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