Monday, October 25, 2010

Storybook Forest Adventure

Katelynn and I met up with some good friends on Sunday evening for some good food, some fun times and made some great memories with two very adorable girls!! We met up with the C Family and headed out to Pops for dinner. It was pretty tastey for my first time eating there. I am definitely glad I listened to A and saved room for the milkshake, dee-licious!! Next time I will go with a different flavor, but I thought chocolate would be safe to share with K.
then we headed to Spring Creek Park at Arcadia and went to the Storybook Forest. It was really neat. K knew a lot of the stories from reading books (I read the books, not her) and watching cartoons and singing songs, so she really enjoyed it. But she has been looking forward to hanging out with E all week long so I think that was her favorite part.
They got along great this time. (Last time we got together there was a small "going for the throat" incident, but E seemed to have either forgotten all about it or forgiven K for that slight indiscretion.) K was being a bit friendly at Pops. She was all up in E's personal space but I realized she was the exact same way with E as she is with Aubrey.
At the Forest, while waiting in line to enter, K was trying to convince E that cutting in line would be a good idea. But E, being the good girl, convinced K that they should probably stick close to the adults. =) We will definitely do it again. Maybe on a weeknight next time (cheaper and probably shorter lines) and maybe get there a bit earlier and next time we will bring our own stuff to make s'mores and sit with the girlies around the fire.
I just love Halloween!!

How sweet are these two faces!!??

Katelynn had told me at Pops that she "loved the little pigs!" I guess she was right....

Peter Peter and The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe.......

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  1. Isn't it so funny to see them learning how to socialize? I love how confident K is! We had a great time, but I definitely agree that next year we will go on a weeknight and stay for marshmallows.