Monday, October 11, 2010

The Petting Zoo

Inside one of the barns at Chester's they have a petting zoo. We decided that we would just walk Katelynn through the barn and see how she handled it before we bought the food and so on. We were not expecting great things, but were pleasantly surprised. K was a champ. She loved the animals. Bock-a-bock'd like the chickens, quacked like the ducks and oinked like the little bitty pot-bellied pig. She loved it. So mommy went to buy some feed. She feed the animals with her hands (she also feed one overly eager lamb two paper cups, oops.) and didn't mind getting her hands dirty.

(Daddy didn't jump in and feed the animals. He worked the camera and "watched' Aubrey.)

Showing the lambs a bit of sass here!

Having fun!!!

Daddy had to MAKE her wash her hands.

Then that was all she wanted to do.....

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