Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday/Graduation/Weekend!!!!

Sunday was a very busy day for us. Brian had to get the lawn mowed since he was heading out of town for work (until Saturday!!). And my family was having a cookout for the many birthdays and graduations that happened over the week.
We made it to Sunday School and then headed home so we could get stuff packed up and mowers hauled out. What a great Sunday!!

Aubrey hanging out in Aunt Elise and Uncle Fred's backyard!

Is that Jake the Birthday Boy or Buzz??!!

"Um, yes, I think I like root beer!"

My cuz Tami and Jake. (I love his eyes here. He is trying so hard not to smile)

My cuz Jeni's son, Creed. He told me he wanted a little sister for Christmas. (He is even willing to trade in his little bro, Zach, for one!) He was so sweet with A!!

Playing with the Kooze!

Lots of kidd-os!!

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