Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bouncin' Craziness

In November we celebrated Katelynn's 2nd Birthday at Bouncin' Craze. It is full of the large inflatables and Katelynn (and Brian) loved it!!
At random times since then she has asked if she could go back to "the bouncy castle"?

It is only open for public bounce in the evenings on tuesdays and we just always seem to forget.
Well, this week I made it a point to remember.
Katelynn has made great strides with potty training. Last week Monday thru Friday only 2 accidents. Saturday I went out of town and she requested a diaper but Sunday, no accidents!!
Monday she had school and I didn't want Miss Judy and Miss Jessica to have to bother with her so it was a diaper until school was over, then no accidents and no accidents yesterday.
So off to Bouncin' Craze we went for a celebration!!
At first she just wanted to play with the toys, but after Brian got her on the first inflatable slide, there was no stopping her.

The girls in the mini ball pit.

It blows air and Katelynn loved that!!

Showing little sister how it's done

Aubrey is liking this!!

That is one creepy clown.

I didn't pull out the camera until we were over in the smaller ball pit. The other times I was holding Aubrey and her and the camera is a little much at times. But not to worry. I am positive we will be going back there over the summer. It is great exercise for Katelynn and she goes right to sleep, a bonus for me and Brian!


  1. Those bounce places are great for kids! And it sounds like the little miss is doing a great job with potty training...which is exciting for BOTH of you :)

  2. Good job K! Let us know next time you want to bounce and we can meet you there!