Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Morning 2011

The Bateman clan had a great Easter morning this year.
Katelynn was very excited about the Easter Bunny and Little Miss Aubrey was pretty darn happy to be getting a basket too!

Katelynn woke up super early but we had to put her back to bed so we could....., so the bunny could...., well she just had to go back to bed for a little bit! But when we finally "remembered" what day it was, Brian and I ran into her room and told her there was a surprise waiting for her in the living room.

She was super excited that she had a full basket. I mean she did make a point to leave the Easter Bunny carrots and some orange juice (her choice). She wasn't upset that the bunny had eaten some of the carrots but that girl still talks about how Santa ate her cookies!

The eggs that Katelynn had dyed were hidden around the living room. That silly bunny did a pretty good job of hiding those eggs. Luckily it was an even dozen, and we knew that.

AFter the egg hunt and some cinnamon toast, we decided it was time to get ready for church.

It was a rainy Easter Morning but definitely a rain that was needed. Katelynn said she had to wear her rain boots since it was raining, and I could not argue with that.

We went to Sunday School where our friend/teacher talked about his recent mission trip to India; went to a great service where we saw four baptisms; then had lunch with Brian's family and headed home to start making dinner with Nanaw and Aunt Angela.

It was an amazing Easter Sunday.
He is risen, indeed!!

Here are the girl's baskets. The Easter Bunny also brought them bouncy balls!!

Here's Miss Aubrey checkin' out the Puffs.

"There aren't any eggs under the bouncy seat!!"

Katelynn found all the eggs. There are 12 in there, right?
(OK, there are only 10 but that is because she found the other 2 and put them in A's basket. Sweet Big Sister, huh?)

Kiki in her rain boots!

I love this picture.

After church Katelynn wanted to paint the Tinkerbell wind chime that she had in her basket.
Well, she painted herself right to sleep. If it hadn't been so messy, I might try this technique more often.

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