Monday, April 11, 2011

A Swimming Party, in APRIL!!??!!

That is exactly what I thought when I got the invitation a couple of weeks ago. So I had to get in touch with my cousin's wife and clarify. And yes, the Little Mermaid invite was right. And yes, they were celebrating Corina's Fourth birthday with a swimming party. And of course, it was at an indoor pool in Kingfisher.

Well, I was a bit relieved for Katelynn knowing how much she enjoys to swim and knowing she wouldn't have to brave the elements. But that information did little to put me (and my not yet ready for a swimsuit body) at ease. So I enlisted my hubby. For better or worse, right?

We loaded up the girls, the swimsuits and the towels and headed out to PARTY!!!

It was a blast!!
Katelynn had a ball and I think Brian was kinda digging the swimming in April thing too. The indoor pool is really nice and it was so much fun to see most of my family.
Corina is just the sweetest little girl and I adore her older sister, Ahni!!

Happy Birthday, Corina-Beana!!!!

Corina and her neighbor.

Brian and K coming off the slide. Brian was such a sport! He kept getting stuck halfway down the slide and would have to scoot himself and Katelynn to the bottom.

Hi Mom!!!!

Spending time under the "shower".

K sticking her finger is the water spouts on the floor. Good thing Uncle Dr. Jim was standing close by! =)

My Cousin Tami and her two boys!!

Since going to the pool party Katelynn has been talking non-stop about her birthday and all the presents she is going to get. I wonder how she is going to take when she finds out the Aubrey's birthday comes first......?

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